Applying PM Minimalism: Manage Your Project with a One-Page Checklist!

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So... Are you ready to cut through all the usual PM garbage and "go Minimalist?"  OK.

First: Click the image below and get the PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide (PDF file*). 

Then use the one-page Quick Start Checklist (page 3 in the Guideto plan and manage your first project.


 * Update:    There are now two new versions of The ... Guide:

Second: After you've used the Quick Start Checklist to plan or manage your first PM Minimalist-style project, then step back and think about this cosmic question:
  • What do I need to change (what PM processes, artifacts, etc.) do I need to add or subtract to improve my PM without overloading it with PM administrivia?
Third: Click the image below and download the PDF of the flowchart. Use it to help you decide what you need to change for your next project. (The PDF includes lots of links to references you can consult, if needed.) 

 REPEAT this process frequently to refine your project management practices, "strip out" all the excess administrivia and become a Project Management Minimalist!

The PM Minimalist Integration Guide

In my previous article, I provided a couple of tools that will allow you to cut through all the usual PM garbage and “go Minimalist."  (See: Applying PM Minimalism: Manage Your Project with a One-Page Checklist! ) This article answers the question: "How can I integrate PM Minimalism throughout my organization?" The PM Minimalist Integration Guide provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process that you can use to gradually integrate Project Management Minimalist practices into your organization.  Specifically, it will guide you through three Stages of PM Minimalist Integration:
  • Integration Stage 1: Proof of Concept
  • Integration Stage 2: Limited Practice
  • Integration Stage 3: Extended Practice
Click on the image below to download the 7-page PM Minimalist Integration Guide.

PM Minimalist Quiz & Exercise

Are you using The Project Management Minimalist to teach a PM class? Or do you simply want a "self-check" quiz and exercise to test yourself after reading The Project Management Minimalist?  

Then you need the PM Minimalist Quiz & Exercise! This document is a generic version of the quiz/exercise I use to start my custom, on-site PM classes. It is carefully designed (by me... a former instructional designer!) to measure students' comprehension of the most important PM Minimalist terms and concepts, while challenging them to come up with specific, immediately useful ways to improve their specific PM processes. The PDF includes:
  • A two-part Quiz with 39 matching/fill-in-the-blank items
  • A four-part analytical Exercise which guides students through a detailed analysis of their specific PM practices and how they might improve them by applying what they learned in the PM Minimalist book.
  • An Answer Key, providing feedback on the Quiz (Note: This Answer Key is self-contained on the last page of the PDF document, so if you're teaching a class you can print this page separately and share it after they complete the Quiz.)
- - JUST $9.95! - -
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The PM Minimalist Mentor: Scripted Coaching Tools to Guide Your Project Team

This tool collection includes specific, scripted meeting discussion guides so you can facilitate your project team meetings like a pro! It will take you and your team through all 10 Steps to Project Success as laid out in The Project Management Minimalist reference book.

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