Applying PM Minimalism: Manage Your Project with a One-Page Checklist!

Check out this Vimeo video overview:   

So... Are you ready to cut through all the usual PM garbage and "go Minimalist?"  OK.

First: Click the image below and get the PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide (PDF file*). 

Then use the one-page Quick Start Checklist (page 3 in the Guideto plan and manage your first project.


 * Update:    There are now two new versions of The ... Guide:

Second: After you've used the Quick Start Checklist to plan or manage your first PM Minimalist-style project, then step back and think about this cosmic question:
  • What do I need to change (what PM processes, artifacts, etc.) do I need to add or subtract to improve my PM without overloading it with PM administrivia?
Third: Click the image below and download the PDF of the flowchart. Use it to help you decide what you need to change for your next project. (The PDF includes lots of links to references you can consult, if needed.) 

 REPEAT this process frequently to refine your project management practices, "strip out" all the excess administrivia and become a Project Management Minimalist!