A Zillion Project Management Models & Why You Should Build Another One!

Check out the video:  

Question: What happens when you do a Google search for this phrase: "project management models, images?"

Answer: You get images of "a zillion PM models!" (This video shows a bunch of these.) And what can you learn from such a search?
  1. That all these models constitute an "audit trail" of the thinking of many, many PM experts.
  2. It's liberating! It's clear that no one model is the only one you should use... Instead, you're free to choose.
  3. It's empowering! If so many people have taken their turn building unique PM models, then it must mean almost any project manager can do so. So why not you? Shouldn't you build one too and make your unique contribution! In fact, you are duty-bound to do so for your project team & your organization.