AAAS Journal "Science" Reviews The Project Manager's Partner!

Whoo hoo! I just received this good news in an email from Dave Jensen, AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Columnist and Forum Moderator:  "I loved the book [The Project Manager's Partner]. I offered our forum members (15,000 worldwide) the opportunity to review it and immediately had a dozen takers. Here’s a link to the review."

Having conducted PM seminars for many groups of scientists and engineers, I know that they typically appreciate the streamlined approach to PM that is presented in my books.  It's always been my goal to keep PM "out of the way" of smart technical specialists who are trying to complete their projects by providing "just enough" PM to get good results. You can see what they thought of the book by clicking on the image above. And many thanks to AAAS & Dave Jensen for this comprehensive review and discussion!

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