20th Anniversary PDF Editions of My ID Project Management Book

2012 was the 20th anniversary of the publication of my first book, ID [Instructional Development] Project Management: Tools and Techniques for Instructional Designers and Developers.

 Every couple of months someone emails me and asks where they can get a copy of this book. I usually tell them that as far as I know the publisher has taken it out of print.

Then I explain that since it's publication in 1992, I've written & published 5 more PM books. And all of these are "agnostic" -- designed to be used in any industry or any areas of specialization (including instructional design & development).  Then I simply recommend my latest book & support tools (The Project Management Minimalist) instead.

 Still, there are those folks who REALLY push me to help them find the book. For them, and all of you who might be wondering about my ID PM book, I've created a couple of "scanned PDF" versions of this book which you can download.  Note that the "scanned PDF" format has some limitations, such as non-scalable fonts, etc. (Please see the notes below the "Read More" line for details.) Enjoy!

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Get the Printer-Friendly Version

Choose the "printer-friendly" version if you intend to print copies of this book on standard, 8 1/2" by 11" pages. Please be advised that this is a "scanned PDF" file. Please read the technical note* below re: formatting.


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Get the E-Reader Version

Choose the "e-reader" version if you intend to use this scanned PDF with your Kindle, NOOK, iPad, or computer's PDF reading software. Please be advised that this is a "scanned PDF" file. Please read the technical note* below re: formatting. 


* Technical Note About This Scanned PDF e-Book

This PDF e-book was created the old fashioned way. It’s simply a scanned copy of the original hard copy (paper) version of ID Project Management.
  • The good news: It includes lots of tools, worksheets, specially-formatted lists, and so on to help ID project managers.
  • The bad news: Turning all these worksheets into the kinds of fluid pages (with scalable fonts, zoomable graphics, etc.) that are required of modern e-readers such as the Kindle, NOOK, or iPad is a HUGE task that I simply wasn’t willing to undertake. (It would essentially require the re-writing of the book!) So if you discover that your e-book reader won’t allow you to change font sizes and zoom in or out on graphics, well... that’s just the way it is. This e-book’s simple, scanned-document PDF format is just not all that flexible.

Be Sure You Get the Right Version!

To help you deal with this PDF’s lack of flexibility, I’ve released two versions:
  • The “printer friendly” version should be used if you want to make a printed copy of the book on standard 8 1/2” x 11” paper. It maintains the same wide margins found in the original printed book.
  • The “e-Reader” version was designed to be used in your e-reader (Kindle, NOOK, iPad, etc.). In this version I squeezed out as much “white space” as possible from the margins. Since the scanned PDF format won’t let you zoom or scale fonts, removing the white space allows the text and tables to be more prominently displayed and easier to read.
Thanks!  -- Mike G.