Audios: PM Minimalist "People Stuff" and More

The PM Minimalist Audios are available as individual digital downloads (MP3 format podcasts) and blog posts absolutely free! Below are some recommended "virtual disks" that are designed to accompany The Project Management Minimalist book. You can use these to enrich your experience while using the book or you can build your own team activities around them. Note that each of the links below will take you to my original Inspired Project Teams* audio download link.  Each audio includes:
  • Quotations, war stories, examples, and a little philosophy that might inspire project managers or project team members.
  • Reflections to think about… as project manager or project leader.
  • Team Challenges – Questions and suggestions to challenge your teams to stretch and grow.
  • Project Manager Challenges – Specific actions for project managers or team leaders.
The People Stuff (Virtual Disks One & Two) include narrated versions of the 10 Sets of Challenges from The People Stuff section of The Project Management Minimalist book.  Enjoy! 

The People Stuff Virtual Disk One*
Total Running Time:  About 50 minutes   

The People Stuff Virtual Disk Two*
Total Running Time:  About 61 minutes

Bonus Tracks Virtual Disk One* 

Total Running Time:  About 63 minutes  

Bonus Tracks Virtual Disk Two*
Total Running Time:  About 61 minutes  

Bonus Tracks Virtual Disk Three*
Total Running Time:  About 57 minutes

* NOTE:  All these audios, plus a PDF of their transcripts with coaching notes is available FREE, as a single giant download, in The Inspired Project Teams Coaching Guide (58-pages & 5 hours of audio).