Managing Instructional Development Projects

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For more than a decade, I managed teams of contractors as they worked side-by-side with new product developers to create training and performance improvement systems for major corporations such as Xerox, Epson America, and Apple Computer. The instructional design (ID) projects I planned and coordinated were as simple as a single resource working for three weeks and as complicated as 60 people working for more than a year and a half. Deliverables ranged from straightforward documentation to transcontinental satellite broadcasts incorporating pre-produced video sequences, live executive speakers, and real-time competition among problem-solving teams located all over North America. In fact, the first PM training session I created was a custom-designed, hands-on, five-day workshop for Xerox Corp. which (I'm proud to say) won several awards! The articles below share what I learned as an in-the-trenches, working ID project manager. I hope you find them valuable!   (Are you new to Instructional Design? Scroll down to find links to some brief video overviews of what it's all about!)

 Watch the Video: Instructional Design versus Message Design
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