About This Website

About This Website

This website is the archived version of my Michael Greer's PM Resources website, which was initially launched in 1999 as a collection of my own PM-related publications. In September of 2009 I re-launched that website as a WordPress blog with more frequent articles on many PM topics. Over the years, it grew into a substantial collection of some of my favorite PM resources, links to my own products & services, and an emphasis on a "first-do-no-harm," no B.S., Minimalist approach to PM.

In August of 2012, I stopped publishing new content on the PM Resources site and launched Mike Greer's WORTH SHARINGwhere I began to share information on topics ranging from new apps & technology to finding "peace of mind" to political activism and more. And, of course, this site also includes the occasional PM article or tool.  

So here's the problem: I have PM publications scattered all over the web! So this website is my attempt to pull together all my practical PM books, tools, articles, audio and video into one archived location* and make them easy to find.

About Me, Michael (Mike) Greer

In my long career, I've been an instructional designer/developer, PM author & consultant, podcaster, YouTube/Vimeo video producer, adjunct university instructor, PM workshop facilitator and public speaker on PM-related topics. For lots of details about my professional life, see my Amazon Author's Page.

And check out the article My Incredible Shrinking PM Recommendations for a brief description of the evolution of my vision of PM which ultimately became Project Management Minimalism.  

* BTW:  If you're looking for a little inspiration, either for yourself or your project team, check out my Inspirations... archives for wisdom-loaded, inspirational podcasts, videos, articles, tools and exercises.